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Privacy Policy


By using the services and information offered on the site online www.clickcool.ch, the user agrees to these provisions. The user declares that Clickcool provides services and information and only on the condition of compliance with these provisions and that it is not prepared to make this information accessible to other conditions. By using the services and information offered on the site Clickcool, the user agrees to comply with these provisions or to forgo use. He further states, expressly accept that in case of non-compliance, the supplier may prohibit judicial use of its services to the user and require damages. The supplier also reserves explicitly the right to initiate criminal proceedings for unlawful use.

Extent of right of use / prohibition of reuse information

At the express condition of unconditional compliance with these provisions, Clickcool grants the user the right to use the information made available on Clickcool solely for personal, non-commercial. In exercising its rights of use, the user acquires no rights to the content or the proposed or made accessible information about Clickcool. The user acknowledges that there is no right to accessibility on Clickcool or parts thereof. The user further undertakes expressly not to use in any manner or form whatsoever, the information made available on Clickcool outside it. The user shall refrain in particular to copy, publish or reproduce in any other way, especially on the Internet, the data available on Clickcool.

Copyrights, trademark rights and other rights protected

The user acknowledges that all rights, namely the rights of intellectual and industrial property, on the service provided by Clickcool and / or its partners, content placed on the website by Clickcool and / or its partners, in general, on the website as such, are the property of Clickcool or there are corresponding rights of use granted by third parties to Clickcool. The reproduction, transmission, modification and / or creating a link to Clickcool for public purposes and / or commercial, whatever the form adopted, is expressly prohibited without written agreement of express prior Clickcool. Violations will be punished civilly and criminally. Clickcool will delete all the data present on the site in case of termination of its activity.

No warranty, no offer

Clickcool The website contains information from third parties, in particular in the form of text, images, graphics, plans, links etc. Clickcool has the right but not the duty to check such information from third parties prior to publication. Clickcool endeavors to ensure the accuracy of information from third parties and reproduced on the site Clickcool but not explicitly offer any guarantee regarding the information and content made available.

This particularly, but not exclusively, veracity, reliability, completeness or timeliness of such information. The information found on Clickcool can be changed at any time without notice. Clickcool is not responsible for the content that is published on the site.

Announcements and showcases posted on Clickcool does not constitute an invitation from Clickcool to tender or an offer or recommendation to conduct a transaction. This meaning applies to information that if Clickcool qualify them expressly and unequivocally to "offer" or "invitation to tender". Clickcool is not a contracting party to a contract will eventually be concluded between the user and a third party publishing information on the site Clickcool.


Clickcool is not responsible for the information published on the site "www.clickcool.ch, www.clickcool.fr, www.clicool.ch, www.clicool.com. CLICKCOOL declines, in particular any responsibility for this information or for any damages that may result from the consultation, access, employment or use of this information, to the extent permitted by law. The consultation and the use of such information and such content is done only to specific users risk. Clickcool specifically excludes any warranty for goods and services and for contracts that may be concluded in this regard. Clickcool not liable for abuse by third parties on the Internet and resulting damage to the user - especially by viruses and other harmful components - or safety defects and faults appearing on the telecommunications network third party or the Internet, or service interruptions or faults on all of our sites (clickcool.ch family) and / or third party applications.

Changes to this declaration regarding data protection

Clickcool adapt these terms to new needs or changing. The new respective versions is made available to you here.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

The use of information and content offered on the site Clickcool is exclusively subject to Swiss law to the exclusion of private international law. The place of performance and jurisdiction are located in exclusive Clickcool head office at H-Technologies SA. H-Technologies owns the site Clickcool, it is also allowed to pursue the user in the courts of the seat / domicile.

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