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Unique Marketplace Platform : To buy, sell, supply, expose or promote your services

By using the services and information offered on the Clickcool online site, the user declares that he / she accepts these terms and conditions. The user declares that Clickcool offers its services and information only and on the express condition of compliance with these provisions and that it is not prepared to make this information accessible to other conditions. By using the services and information offered on the Clickcool website, the user undertakes to comply with these provisions or to renounce their use. It furthermore expressly accepts that in the event of non-compliance with the provisions, the supplier may have the services of the user banned by the courts from the user's point of view. The provider also expressly reserves the right to institute criminal proceedings in case of unlawful use.


No guarantee, no offer


The Clickcool site contains information from third parties, especially in the form of text, images, graphics, maps, links, etc. Clickcool has the right, but not the obligation, to verify such information from third parties before publication. Clickcool strives to ensure the accuracy of information from third parties reproduced on the Clickcool website, but does not explicitly guarantee any information or content made available.

This concerns in particular, but not exclusively, the veracity, reliability, completeness and timeliness of such information. The information on Clickcool can be changed at any time without notice. Clickcool is not responsible for the content that is published on the site.

Advertisements and showcases posted on Clickcool do not constitute an invitation from Clickcool to submit an offer, offer or recommendation to proceed with a transaction. Such meaning applies to information only in the event that Clickcool expressly and unequivocally qualifies it for "offer". or "invitation to make an offer". Clickcool is not a contracting party to a contract that may be concluded between the user and a third party posting information on the Clickcool site.

Some things to remember when posting an ad:

  • The description of the advertisement must describe the product / service / good / service of the advertisement. Ads containing a general text of the type & laquo; many products for sale in our platform & raquo; are not accepted. The description of one and the same advertisement must not offer more than one property.
  • The ad must be published in a category corresponding to the subject of the ad.
  • The announcement of a property for sale must be published in the municipality where the property is located.
  • You must delete an old ad before inserting a new one for the same property. You can not have the same ad on Clickcool multiple times (in multiple regions, cities, departments, or multiple categories). In the context of an offer of goods, we inform you that we allow an identical advertisement by region when the advertiser has a large stock and a national delivery network. As part of an offer of service and employment, we allow an identical announcement by region, city or department.
  • Any advertising advertisement is prohibited. The promotion of a service is authorized only in the category Services.
  • Exchanges are allowed on the site. However, it is not possible to list more than 5 model references that could serve as a basis for an exchange.
  • You must indicate the total price and VAT of the property in the "Price" field.

Any advertisement inserted for the benefit of a professional making an offer of sale, services or intended to make known his activity must include the name of the company.

Any ad containing text elements (words, phrases, phrases, etc.) that appear to be contrary to legal or regulatory provisions, morality, Clickcool's distribution rules, or likely to confuse or shock readers will be rejected by Clickcool without causing the advertiser any right to compensation.


Unauthorized Content

It is forbidden to post an advertisement:

  • Exclusively written in foreign terms. Ads must be written in French, English, German, Italian, Romanian.
  • Containing terms or descriptions unrelated to the proposed content.
  • Showing misuse of keywords.
  • Directing directly or indirectly to a site other than ours.
  • Including a premium rate telephone number.
  • Political, sectarian, discriminatory, sexist, etc.

Discrimination as any distinction made between natural persons, in particular because of their origin, sex, disability, genetic characteristics, morals, sexual orientation, gender identity, belonging or non-belonging, true or supposed, to an ethnic group, a nation, an alleged race or religion etc. The crime of discrimination is punishable by imprisonment Clickcool company reserves the right to denounce any form of discrimination to the competent authorities of the country of residence of the user / advertiser.


Unauthorized Products and Services

As a Clickcool user, you must make sure that the property you are looking to sell or buy is an authorized product on the site and is legal for sale in your country of residence.

We invite you to read the prohibited products / goods / services on our site:

  • Adult content
  • Items registered by the police etc.
  • Search Notice of a Person
  • Product with protected emblems
  • Offers that can lead to biased practices
  • Tobacco, drugs and related objects, dangerous and illegal substances
  • White weapons of combat or self-defense, firearms, explosives, hunting traps
  • Slimming products, dietary supplements or presented as miraculous
  • Certain plant and animal species protected, threatened or taken from their natural environment

The misappropriation of emblems (the sign of the red cross, the red crescent, the red crystal, the blue helmets, the white flag etc.) and their denomination and / or their illegal or abusive use are serious punished acts international humanitarian law, including the Geneva Conventions of 12 August 1949.


Copyright, Trademark Rights and Other Protected Rights

The user acknowledges that all rights, namely intellectual and industrial property rights, over the service made available by Clickcool and / or its partners, on the contents placed on the website by Clickcool and / or its partners and, in general, on the website as such, are the property of Clickcool or that there are corresponding rights of use granted by third parties to Clickcool. The reproduction, transmission, modification and / or creation of a link to Clickcool for public and / or commercial purposes, regardless of the form adopted, is expressly forbidden, except with the express and prior written agreement of Clickcool. Offenses will be penalized civilly and criminally. Clickcool undertakes to delete all the data presented on the site in case of cessation of its activity.

& nbsp;

Copyright, Trademark Rights and Other Protected Rights - Protection of Intellectual Property Rights

Only the publication of an advertisement proposing the sale of original products is authorized (electronic devices, DVDs, CDs, video games, computer software, pay-TV cards, branded clothes and accessories of brand & hellip;) etc.

We remind you that the sale of copy or reproduction of any kind is likely to constitute an act of infringement is prohibited.

You must be the legal owner of the content or be authorized to sell it by the owner, his professional representative or the law. The sale of certain intangible goods is not allowed on our site.

It is allowed to insert photos with a watermark (digital tattoo) in order to ensure the protection of intellectual property rights.

Only the mentions of the owners of the photo as text are accepted. These texts must be black or white.

The insertion of the website address on the description of the advertisement is strictly prohibited.


Unauthorized photographs

The inserted photographs must represent the property for sale and can not be used to illustrate multiple ads.

It is forbidden to insert photos and videos with:

  • Recognizable minor children
  • Logos (except Job and Services ad categories)
  • Link to a pornographic website
  • Representations unrelated to the proposed offer


    Scope of the right to use / prohibit re-use of information

    On the express condition of unconditional compliance with these terms, Clickcool grants the user the right to use the information made available on Clickcool only for personal, non-commercial purposes. By exercising its rights of use, the user acquires no rights over the content or information offered or made available on Clickcool. The user acknowledges that there is no right to accessibility on Clickcool or parts of it. The user further expressly undertakes not to use, in any way or in any form, information made accessible on Clickcool outside of this form. In particular, the user shall not copy, publish or reproduce in any other way, in particular on the Internet, the data accessible on Clickcool.

ClickCool is not responsible for the information published on its sites & laquo; www.clickcool.ch, www.clickcool.fr, www.clicool.ch, www.clickcool.ca, www.clickcool.us, www.clickcool.be, www.clickcool.ro, wwwlickcool.de, www.clicool. com, www.visatable.ch, www.visatable.fr, visatable.ca, www.vistable.us, www.francebooker.fr, www.canadabooker.ca, www.americanbooker.us, swissbooker.ch, www.homemove. ch, www.homemove.fr, www.homemove.ca, www.homemove.us, www.jobmove.ch, www.jobmove.ca, www.jobmove.fr etc ... CLICKCOOL declines, in particular, any responsibility for this information or for any damage that may result from the consultation, access, use or use of such information, to the extent permitted by law.

The consultation and use of such information and content is solely at the user's own risk. In particular, Clickcool excludes any guarantee for the goods and services offered and for the contracts that may be concluded in this respect. Clickcool does not respond to third-party abuse on the Internet and the resulting damage to the user - & ndash; in particular by viruses and other damaging elements - neither security defects nor disturbances appearing on the telecommunications network of third parties or on Internet, nor interruptions of service or disturbances on the entirety of our sites ( Clickcool family and co-brands) and / or third party applications.

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Amendments to this Data Protection Statement

Clickcool adapts these conditions of use to new or changing needs. The respective new version is made available here.

The use of the information and content offered on the Clickcool website is exclusively subject to Swiss, Canadian and French law and to the exclusion of private international law. The place of fulfillment and the exclusive place of business are located at the head office Clickcool owns the Clickcool site, and is also authorized to sue the user in the courts of his / her registered office / domicile.

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