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How to insert an ad ?

To insert an advertisement you must create an account or Pro Member (depending on your status) and click on the red box "place your advert with 10 photos and 3 videos."

How do I delete or deactivate my ad?

To remove your ad you must log into your account, head to the "Dashboard" tab, click on the ad you want to delete. On the right you will find the "remove my ad"

How long will my ads appear ?

Your ad will be active on ClickCool for a month. Before the end of this you will receive an email to reactivate it if necessary.

How to create your showcase ?

To create your window simply create a business account and take out the "Virtual Showcase" and follow the directions.

What are the payment methods?

Vous pouvez régler par carte bancaire, sur facture de 7 jours  (en fonction du pack sélectionné) ou alors par virement bancaire. Sachez que les transactions peuvent se faire en quatre devises : Francs Suisse, Euro, Dollars et Livre sterling.

I wish to make a video to introduce my company, how do ?

Clickcool propose un service de création de film d’entreprise, il vous suffit de nous contacter au +41 21 588 05 94 pour obtenir les informations nécessaires.

I forgot my password, what should I do?

Clicking the "Forgot Password", you will be sent by email.

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