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Terms and Conditions

This document describes the terms and conditions Clickcool.ch and Clickcool.fr, Clickcool.eu. If you have questions you can not find the answers in the following conditions, thank you for contacting us.


  • These Terms and Conditions of the sites Clickcool.ch Clickcool.fr, Clickcool.eu. define the legal relationship between the user and ClickCool ( "Clickcool.ch") in connection with the use of the site and all the benefits and services provided by ClickCool and its partners through the site.
  • The use of ClickCool term under the following conditions included Clickcool.ch, Clickcool.fr and Clickcool.eu.
  • Using the clickcool.ch site, by accessing the content published therein, or using the services offered by ClickCool, the client expressly accepts these terms and conditions, which are effective as soon as the person accessing the Site and this at any time.


  • Through its website, ClickCool offers various online services, some for free use, others against payment.
  • ClickCool reserves the right to alter both the content and the form of its services at any time and even remove the supply of certain services. ClickCool can adapt its facilities to technical requirements and change its range of offers at any time without notice. By using the site, the customer accepts its amendments. ClickCool also reserves the right to appeal at any time to third parties to provide its services.
  • ClickCool reserves the right to stop working at any time.
  • ClickCool is committed to providing its services with diligence and professionalism.
  • ClickCool strives to keep its website accessible at all times. However, take note that it may be temporarily unavailable due to maintenance, technical malfunction or for other reasons. ClickCool makes no warranty as to the availability of the website and the content published therein.
  • The information on the site are made available to the user only to private or business.
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  • A registration with the site Clickcool.ch is necessary in order to obtain services offered through the site.
  • The personal information transmitted to ClickCool at registration are managed by ClickCool.
  • The information transmitted to ClickCool can be used for marketing purposes and can also be sent to our service providers.
  • The user is solely responsible for the content of registration and personal information disclosed to ClickCool.
  • The utilisateurs'engage to provide the information required by ClickCool for del'inscription comprehensively and in line with reality and to proceed immediately to any changes in personal information.


  • A registration with the site Clickcool.ch is necessary in order to benefit from certain services offered through site.L'utilisateur is responsible for managing its access data (username / password) with care, confidentiality and care. ClickCool is not responsible for the misuse of the access data or damages resulting from unauthorized access by third parties.
  • The user agrees to immediately notify ClickCool of any unauthorized use of access data and any abuse found on the site. It is necessary to send all claims through a letter dated and signed accompanied by a proof of identity.
  • ClickCool strives at all times to protect the sites by appropriate measures against unauthorized access and against any unlawful use of data.A absolute protection can not however be guaranteed, ClickCool not responsible for piracy the DoS and DDoS-ARBOR.


  • ClickCool offers various possibilities to publish content such as advertisements, displays, videos and images.
  • The client is responsible for information which he seized on the platform. ClickCool can not be held liable for any errors, omissions, inaccuracies or damage, direct or indirect, of any nature whatsoever resulting from the consultation and / or use of the sites.
  • ClickCool reserves the right to verify the information. If some content is not consistent with our image or affect others it is able to remove the content and block access to the platform at any time without justification, other legal action can be taken.

Publication of ads

  • ClickCool offers the ability to place ads on sites against payment. Announcements are published on the websites for a period defined in the foreclosure process
  • The placement of ads on sites matching products and options selected
  • The user is solely responsible for the design and content of advertisements transmitted to ClickCool for publication on the site.
  • ClickCool reserves the right to refuse publication of any advertisement submitted for publication either because of its provenance, its technical format, quality or ClickCool believes the content of the ad does not comply these Terms.

Photos an videos

  • ClickCool does not provide this service directly, it uses different providers and offers prices negotiated with them.
  • For these options, the customer must pay the amount at the signing of the contract. No work will be proceeded without the amount paid. If this is not set prices as the supplier may be reassessed.
  • ClickCool is not responsible for these providers and only plays the role of negotiating towards it and will therefore not be challenged in litigation or delivery delay.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

The use of information and content offered on the site Clickcool is exclusively subject to Swiss law, to the exclusion of private international law. The place of performance and jurisdiction is the exclusive Clickcool seat at H-Technologies SA. H-Technologies is Clickcool site owner, it is also allowed to pursue the user in the courts of the seat / domicile.

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